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"Spinning Communion"

The Video work "Spinning Communion“ focused on the interaction between humans and your own self.

By portraying people in a 360° perspective moving imagery, moments and feelings of interaction get a new value and context. The freezing moments become performance art for the portrayed people as for the audience and artist. By standing still on the 360 degree rotating platform, the models were able to create

an intensive encounter with human closeness and time. The pandemic showed how important interaction between people is and how much we need each other in community for our well-being and mental health. The isolation we‘ve all experienced brought Dajana Krüger to give new value to moments that used to be natural. Hugs, kisses, touch, and emotions that one experiences through other people, were suddenly so

far away due to the isolation. This moments come alive in her work, that she merges with different symbolism, feelings and emotion. Every 360° portrait or „real hologram" has their on story and metaphor of

a word, emotion or situation. The performance of each individuals transform them into living sculptures that rotate 360 degrees and become an objects of art.


The Installation brings all the "real holograms“ into a endless interplay an new storytelling and connect people to a social unit.

Installation  - Dajana Krüger

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