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Artwork Digital -
"Law of Nature"

This digital work of art "Digital Law of Nature" was created for the NFTDEB 2022. The team consists of leading Artist Dajana Krüger

( Artist in Videoart and Installation ), Pawel Lucuk / (Creative coder), Tamas Antal ( NFT and crypto artist).

Through photogrammetry, we’ve created 3D scans of individuals in sculpture poses to connect humans and nature in a symbolic way. Individuals perform a pose and create a virtual language related to the rivers Tisza and Sajo and their actual health status. 


The 3D portraits, assembled with Meshroom and exhibited, through various parameters, the change of  health of the Rivers and the consequences of pollution. The destruction of nature and Mankind are associated with it.


The artwork focuses on water pollution and the environmental disaster of the river Tisza and Sajo. We used data to generate a digital artwork and used computer coding to raise awareness about water pollution and the high level of toxic elements in the rivers caused by mines.

This digital Artwork was on view at the NFTDEB 2022 in Modem Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecen.

 GenerativeNFT - Dajana Krüger

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