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Artist - Dajana Krüger

About me

Dajana Krüger, a German-based new media artist, has been honing her 360° spinning moving imagery technique. Originally a photographer, Dajana blends her passion for portraying people and the video process, combining an abstract aesthetic with a documentary approach. She creates what she calls "real holograms" of people and objects to find a new virtual language apart from photography to express herself, people, and cultures. Humanity and our nature are essential topics to her, which she wants to discuss in her work on time-based media. In her practice, she aims to connect the real world with analog elements and the digital world without losing the humanitarian context.

Her latest work is the installation called "Spinning Communion", which was on view at Monica Ruppert Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany, as an official partner art event of Frankfurt Fashion Week 2022. Her digital work was presented as NFTs at, Dmexco 2022, and she was the Leading Artist for the NFTDEB 2022 at Modem Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecen Hungary. 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024 Deltabeben 

Wilhelm Hack Museum

13th April – 16th June, 2024

Ludwigshafen, Germany

2023 Art Karlsruhe

Galerie Monica Ruppert

4th May – 7th May, 2023

Karlsruhe, Germany


20th April – 7th May, 2023

Kristály, community art space, Budapest, Hungary

2022 Leading Artist for NFTDEB 2022

Modem Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen, Hungary

“Digital Law of Nature“

Dajana Krüger, Pawel Luciuk, Tamas Antal

2022 Dmexco NFT "Soulmate" Exhibition

Cologne, Germany

2021 Virtual Collection MISA.ART c/o König Galerie and Der Greif GUEST ROOM – HEARTFELT
NFT - Soulmate

2021 MISA.ART c/o König Galerie and Der Greif “NFT - Soulmate and Spinning Communion“,

Berlin, Germany


July 2022 Video Installation “Spinning Commmunion“ and “360° Portaits“ - NFT Portraits Galerie Monica Ruppert

Frankfurt, Germany


NFT and the Power of Performance Art

Dajana Krüger speaks with Alex Estorick about how NFTs can rehumanize the digital condition

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